Auto claim tips

 Auto claim tips

Tips in the event of an Auto Accident

  1. Stop immediately, but do not block traffic.
  2. Get help for the injured. Have somebody call police (repeat after 5 minutes).
  3. Obtain names, phone numbers, addresses of drivers, witnesses and injured.
  4. Secure make, model, license numbers of all cars involved.
  5. Draw a sketch showing location of vehicles and other details.
  6. Don't accept claim settlement at the scene of the accident. Do not admit fault for the accident.
  7. Stay calm, polite and consistent while stating your version of the accident.
  8. Contact your insurance carrier as soon as possible.
  Home claim tips

  Home claim tips

If you just experienced a property damage claim (Fire, Water, Wind, Hail, etc.) please follow the helpful tips below which will guide you through the process.  


  • Notify you insurance company
    • Describe the damage and the cause but stick to the facts
    • Get the claim number, contact name and phone number for your adjuster
  • Secure the property and prevent additional damage
  • If needed find temporary housing to live in 
  • Make a detailed inventory of damaged property
    • Take pictures of the damage as soon as possible
  • Document Everything
    • Detailed notes of any conversation and documentation received or sent to the company 


  • Begin repairs until approved by the insurance company
    •   Unless repairs are required to prevent any further damage to the property
  • Throw anything away
  • Assume you have to use the insurance company's vendors
  • Respond by repairing or replacing the property
  • Allow your settlement to be paid to other parties